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Darwin’s Playground: The Galápagos Islands

Aside from the typical descriptions of amazing, beautiful, and all the other things it was, I think rocky would be the choice word I would use to sum up our trip to the… Continue reading

United on Ipanema Beach: Welcome to the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was essentially the foundation for this entire year of travelling. This was what we had first on our list, this is what we planned around and for. A… Continue reading

Swinging Through New Orleans

One minute we were floating from bar to bar, Big Easy slushies in hand, and the next we found ourselves sitting down the quiet end of Bourbon Street next to two drifters, one… Continue reading

Yosemite: Walking Amongst Giants

I can’t say I’ve covered too many hikes across the globe, but walking through Yosemite was right up there for me in terms of scenery. The dwarfing sequoias, the drenching mist of the… Continue reading

On The Road: LA and the First Drive

Finally fitting in some time to get some sort of blog up as we sit here waiting for our delayed flight from New York to Toronto. Our road trip part of the trip… Continue reading

The 2014 Itinerary: The Road Trip

Four boys, one car on the wrong side (wrong being right, right?) of the road, and some iconic American drives.  I’m not sure we could come up with a more cliché attempt to… Continue reading