The 2014 Itinerary: The Road Trip

Four boys, one car on the wrong side (wrong being right, right?) of the road, and some iconic American drives.  I’m not sure we could come up with a more cliché attempt to emulate a classic “escape” movie unless we were to add in a few over the top Hollywood style love interests, which mind you, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Originally our first point was going to be Coachella, but as mentioned in the welcome post, cost played a big part in what we could and couldn’t include, and unfortunately this was one of many points on the bucket list that got cut.

Yes, we’re starting out the big adventure with a road trip.  Something we never seriously considered as being part of the plan but now one of the most anticipated parts of the trip. Starting in LA, finishing in LA, we’ll be taking our [hopefully reliable] rental car through all sorts of trouble.

So here’s what is going through my head as we countdown the days until takeoff.


First stop: Los Angeles

My expectations of LA are admittedly low.  I don’t want to write it off before going and considering it’s our first stop, I’m sure we will be so pumped up that it won’t matter where we are.  That being said, besides the obvious tourist draws that Hollywood and a few other spots have to offer, no one I have spoken to has ever really had it on their “must visit” list. We will just have to wait and see I suppose!

Expectation level: Low.
Most excited for: Arriving!
Dreading: Jet lag.

Next up: The Grandest of all Canyons

I’m a victim of Americanization, there’s no doubt about it, but the Grand Canyon has always been one of those top of the list, natural wonder sort of places and there was no way we could do a road trip and not include it.  As spectacular as it would be to fork out the money and fly through in a helicopter, my vestibular system (i.e. motion sickness) would probably not agree with it, so probably going to stick to walking! 

Expectation level: High.
Most excited for: Feeling tiny.
Dreading: Dust.

And then: Las Vegas

Four guys in a car driving on the West Coast, where ya gonna go? Vegas baby! I know this comes across hugely excited, but I have to admit it’s not much higher than LA. Gambling doesn’t interest me and nor does spending lots of money on fancy hotels and shows. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see what all the fuss is about though.

Expectation level: Moderate.
Most excited for: The free booze and the only hotel we’ll be staying in (mind you a cheap one at that).  
Dreading: Eddy betting and losing one of us in a game of poker.

Up next: Yosemite

To be honest I hadn’t even heard of it a few years ago, and when I first read about it I pronounced it Yo-semite (and only was corrected when we were talking about going there). The more I read and the more pictures I see of it the more I can’t wait to get there.  In between all the cities we’re visiting in the US, this especially will be a very welcome escape.  We’ll be spending four nights there to get the most of it and do as much walking as we can.  

Expectation level: High.
Most excited for: Ridiculously big trees.
Dreading: Not much.

Finally: San Francisco  

The last stop before heading back to LA is San Fran (well actually it’s San Luis Obispo for a night).  Everyone tells me it’s a great city, but besides the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz I’m not actually sure what we’ll be doing, but we shall see! Was really hoping to time it perfectly and go to Oracle Arena and have my ears blasted off watching the Warriors in the NBA Playoffs but I’m not so sure the dates will fall in my favour (nor do tickets seem particularly easy to come by).  

Expectation level: Moderate.
Most excited for: Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Dreading: Not much.  


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