Welcome to

Well well, how did you get here?

Welcome to Up Streets, my attempt at a travel blog, and perhaps something more over time.


What’s with the name?

I spitballed a few names that would be appropriate, something relevant to exploring. I reread the Dr Seuss essential and travelling standard “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for some inspiration, and eventually came to this name after reading these lines:

You’ll look up and down streets. Look ’em over with care.
About some you will say, “I don’t choose to go there.”
With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.

The blueprints

I’ve started Up Streets, like so many others, as a way to communicate and express close to every little detail of my impending adventure around the world.  Along with a few friends, I have decided to embark on a seven month adventure, a trip that has been in the works for years.

It was really the 2010 FIFA World Cup that fuelled any resemblance of a plan, as we sat around watching a match and saying we ought to go to Brazil for the next one.  Think Barney and Ted “of course we should open a bar”, and you’ve got the general tone of the conversation.  The more we spoke though the more feasible it really seemed.

Jas (get used to this name appearing) and I were both set to finish our degrees by 2013, and having not taken the typical gap year after high school, it was always my intention to take a few months to experience backpacking, as everyone should do.   Somewhere along the way we attracted the interest of Julien, (a fellow avid football fan and co-owner of The Spot Kick, our football blog), and with nothing really stopping us, Brazil was firmly planted in our crosshairs.  The conversation, a dream, turned into a definitive plan.

As soon as we got that thought in our mind, almost weekly we started adding places we should go as well in 2014.  The list grew and grew, with logic (and cost) dictating we start this whole expedition in the USA. Sifting back through old Facebook posts, I can see that Glastonbury was our next big event on the list, but as that falls around the same time as the World Cup would, that was pushed into the “another time” pile.

So we decided we’d cover the USA for a while, then make our way down to Brazil, explore the rest of South America (something I was especially keen on having just taken up Spanish as one of my majors in 2011).  But what about Oktoberfest? We gotta go to Oktoberfest man, it’s our gap year! Could we add Europe to the list? I don’t see why not.

At the current time, for a few months now, the trip has been mapped out, including at last count 22 countries and approximately triple that in cities.

Rather than ruin the surprise (but mainly because I think I’m about to lose your attention, if you’re even still here) I’ll save the itinerary for later posts.

So basically it’s just another travel blog?

It’s difficult to argue otherwise.  I love writing, regardless of how many are reading, and there’s something inexplicably appealing to me about a travel blog.  Everyone does it, I know that and the hipster part of my brain is telling me to avoid the cliché.  But, I’m naive enough to think that people actually would want to read what I’m writing, yet also confident enough to know I can provide at least some value for fellow travellers, friends, or the odd person who stumbled upon the site by some strange Google SEO miracle. And even if my confidence is misplaced, I’m sure my Granny at least will enjoy reading this all.